Monday, April 2, 2018



Wade's World Podcast is on the air!! 
Comic book husband and wife team, Martheus and Janet Wade, along with their son, Anakin, talk about all things geeky and give us a glimpse into their lives as they balance art, video games, con-going, cartoons watching, elementary school, and comic books. 

In this month's episode, Wade’s World Podcast is back after a LONG LONG hiatus bringing you the best in artistic disfunction that you can handle. This episode, we’ve been snowed in for a while and are a little stir crazy. So, bear with us as we catch you up on the happenings in our universe. In this episode we go over: The Super Flu, Poop Storms, The end of Shinobi: Ninja Princess, Ready 2 Spar, The lack of support for all ages comics, Justice League, The Last Jedi, Dragon Ball Fighters Z, Street Fighter Arcade Edition, Splattoon, and Poken Tournament Also: Special introduction to JASON WADE.​

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This podcast is part of the Taylor Network, which is a home to many great podcasts, all available on iTunes, stitcher radio and also google play.

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