Thursday, October 4, 2012

Leland, MS Frogfest

This past weekend the MAW Productions gang took a little trip to Leland, MS, for Frogfest.  Here's a write up Janet did for the blog...

Leland is the hometown of muppets and Sesame Street creator, Jim Henson, and is also where the Jim Henson Museum is located.  We were invited to perform in two puppet shows, so of course we performed "Super Muley and the Cookie Caper".  Twas lots o' fun.

This wasn't our first time visiting Leland and the museum.  When we went in 2007 (you can see my post from the xanga days here), Kevin Williams had a Master Replicas stand up of Kermit to take pix of.  It was during that particular visit that this now iconic (according to the internetz) pic was taken...

We miss you, Jim Henson.  Pic taken in 2007.
So you know we had to replicate it, this time with Muley.

Muley pays respect to his inspiration.

We're being tourist-y.

Bufford, Roy Duck, Muley, and Missy

2012 Frogfest was awesome.  :)

This is definitely a great place to visit for a day trip or weekend trip.  You can check out more fun-filled pix of this trip on Muley's facebook (yeah, he has one; doesn't everyone?) here.

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