Friday, March 23, 2012

Lexington Comic & Toy Convention

MAW Productions will be attending the Lexington Comic & Toy Convention this weekend.  Things to look out for are:
  • All things Jetta (books, Turra's book "Gun Angel", prints, jewelry)
  • All things Muley the Mule (books, prints, a special Ghostbuster Muley prints)
  • Muley himself (give him a hug when you see him!)
  • Jetta creator Martheus Wade (he does sketches, folks!)
  • Muley creator and MAW Productions editor Kevin L. Williams (he does sketches, too!)
  • Green Ranger prints
Green Ranger print - Martheus Wade - $10.00

"There is No Dana, Only Mule" prints - Kevin L. Williams - $10.00
Jetta square charm bracelet - Just Another Distraction Jewelry - $12.00
Stop by their booth, say hello, make happy purchases. Who knows. If you ask nicely, Martheus might give you a sneak peak on a few pages he's been working on for an Action Lab Comics project.

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