Friday, August 10, 2012

Korra Eats an Apple Tutorial

Today's post is from Janet "saltygirl" Wade.  Pay attention, boys and girls. 

i've been meaning to contribute something to the airbender/legend of korra fandom for quite some time now.  the only thing i've ever done was a sketchy of aang as elvis, or aang-vis if you will, that was a compilation of artists from all over who were fans of the show.  but w/ the 1st season of korra already done i was pumped to do something else.  something a little more...badass.

& if you've ever watched "the legend of korra", you know just what i'm talking about.  korra is the embodiment of badass.  she's the avatar, a teen girl, a girl who can do amazing things & is so confident of herself that i want to BE her.  well, ok let's not get carried away here. 

i've wanted to do a korra pinup for some time but couldn't figure out how to pose her.  every other amazing pieces i see show her bending, & yeah i know she's the avatar & it's her thing, but i wanted something a bit different. something that was casual but also showed off her awesome arms & torso.  a pose that let you know she was a badass w/out even trying.  my husband suggested i make her do push ups.  the thing about when i do these vector pinups, i base them off of an actual photo reference.  which means i take a pic of myself doing the pose.  which means if korra was gonna do some casual push ups, then i would be doing push ups too.  um, no thanks.  then some1 else suggested i take it a step further & make her do a casual 1 armed push up.  say wha???  ok now you're just being crazy.


so i picked an easy pose, something mundane but because she's doing it it's not so mundane.  like eating an apple.  & cocking an eyebrow at you because you're creepily watching her eat an apple.

sketched it out.  used ref snagged from

outline everything.
shapes, shapes, shapes.

close up of those beautiful blues.

"can't a gal eat an apple?"
& here we are w/ a very casual but still badass pose.

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