Friday, June 29, 2012

Our First Contest!

I know I haven't updated our blog in the last few weeks. From Lexington to Metropolis to Memphis, I have been doing the convention tour thing along side Kevin L. Williams and Janet Saltygirl Stone Wade, with special guest Anakin Grayson Wade. However, today we have a few huge updates. 

First up, let's kick things off right with our first CONTEST!

Here is your chance to show us your renditions of Jetta, Turra, and/or Muley in a different era in time. Steampunk, Futuristic, Feudalism, Ming Dynasty, whatever time your heart desires, we want to see your take on our flagship characters. 

First Prize Winner:
Winner will receive an original page of art from Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa and the opportunity to draw a pin-up for the upcoming Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa - Omega!
Contest Rules:
• Contestants can submit as many entries as they like. 
• There will be no cash payout in exchange for rewards. 
• First place winner must have completed pinup artwork for Jetta: Omega completed by 01/01/ 2013. • All entries can be used by MAW Productions Studios for promotional purposes only.
• All contest entries must be posted on our facebook chat page for voting 08/01/ 2012. 
• The winner will be selected by facebook likes. 
• The contestant with the most likes on their art will win first prize.
Get those ideas flowing and the artistic skills sharpened now and let's get those pencils moving.

looking forward to seeing some awesome artwork!

TUTORIAL 8: Digital Effects (Blurring)

It's Tutorial time again and the subject is a huge one. This week we tackle digital effects and scratch the surface of digital coloring! I, for one, was wracking my brain trying to come up with a way to present the subject of coloring comics. And, you know if we are going to tackle something this huge, we are going to get the best to explain process to you. This weeks tutorial is hosted by Brian Miller, creator, owner and artist of HiFi Colour and Design! Brian's work and technique has been a huge inspiration to me in my coloring and his technique is unsurpassed. I was honored to be a part of his second instructional book HiFi Color for Comics 2 and continue to gain tips to brush up on my own technique. This video is only a small hit of things to come. Enjoy the tutorial and look for more coming up soon!

Here is a little about HiFi and their work.

Hi-Fi colour design being founded in 1998 by Brian Miller with a mission to provide digital color, illustration, and other creative services to the comic book and entertainment industries.  Since then Hi-Fi has collaborated with every major publisher, syndicate, toy company, and entertainment company worldwide.

With a ‘license to thrill’ Hi-Fi often works in deep cover behind the scenes on major licensed properties.  They could tell you all about it but then they would have to kill you... damned confidentiality agreements make many projects ‘eyes only’ for the Hi-Fi ‘covert-ops’ team.
Publicly Hi-Fi are best known for their work in comic books with a major focus on digital coloring.  The double-’o’ agents over at ComicBookDataBase couldn’t get anyone from Hi-Fi to give-up any info, even under the interrogation lights.  These spies are compiling background checks on thousands of comic books every day and have uncovered the majority of Hi-Fi’s comic book assignments.
For a peak inside the Hi-Fi secret files take a gander at:


I'm always talking about progression in your artwork. It's time to show you guys what I mean. Here is some of my very first Jetta artwork right before we published for the first time. This is also during a time when I wasn't quite sure what she was or how I was going to tackle the book. There are some things that I kept and a good deal of stuff I tossed out.

Take a second and look at where I started. Compare that to where I am as an artist now. See what things are similar, what things are completely different and what elements I kept. Then pull out some of your own old work and compare. How are you progressing?

Here is the first color piece I did. This is before I found out the wonders of photoshop and got myself a Mac. The page is done in color pencil, color marker, and airbrush. My page layout is a lot wonky here. Jetta's appearance is pretty much the same. Except her structure is slimmer. Later, I found myself drawn (no pun intended) to thinker female figures. Besides, if she was going to kick a person through a brick wall, she would have to be built in order to do so.

Here is black and white artwork from the same page sequence. As you can see, her costume is completely different. The inking is a bot rough. But, it's getting there. Also, at this point, I was doing hand lettering which I found extremely tough to master. Thank God for lettering in the computer.

One thing that I decided early on was how I wanted to depict action in the book. I always wanted to show action in a martial arts/anime type a way. That is one thing that I'm glad I hung on to.

This is when I started to firm up on Jetta costume. Yes, cleavage became a part of the character as well. I purposefully wanted to make her a voluptuous woman. That was in direct contrast to how she was drawn before. I sometimes wish that I had reduced her breast size at the beginning. I think that it stopped many from taking the book seriously after all. Oh well. Live and learn.

Don't forget to discuss what you see here on our facebook chat page. Let us know what you think!! See you guys next week!