Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Fenton Wright is MAW Productions Agent

We have been fortunate enough to partner with Fenton Wright and F.E. WRIGHT CONSULTING to represent the MAW Productions books and IP into other media! Both Janet and I are extremely happy and excited for the future of Jetta: tales of the Toshigawa, Shinobi: Ninja Princess, and all of our books and properties currently in development.

Fenton Wright is an accomplished executive manager, who represents MAW Productions and contributes to the strategic direction of the company. As an independent management consultant, he has operated as a strategic planner and project leader for content creators, educational institutions, small businesses, and creative entrepreneurs. He provides consultation in planning, management, and executive decision-making.

He is a board member and strategic partner of BLP Film Studios, Inc. and serves as COO of Princeton James Productions, LLC.

For more information on MAW Productions, booking engagements, or opportunities, contact Fenton Wright.


Phone: 901.553.2179

Sunday, October 17, 2021


Shinobi: Dark Tournament 02



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As Shianndrea Toshigawa and her crew leave for the tournament, Turra seeks answers about her mother from the Red Dragon. As the teams enter the arena, the stage is set for the Dark Tournamnet to begin.


Wades World Episode 11

It's another Masters of the Universe toy unboxing. This time, Martheus finally got his hands on a MOTU Classics Prince Adam! This may be old hat to you, but new car smell to him! AHHH! Smell the fresh PLASTIC!!!

MAW Productions Mural 2021

It was an honor to be a part of Paint Memphis 2 years in a row. Last year, we painted Shinobi: Ninja Princess on a 10x20ft canvas. This year, we switched it up a bit and painted Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa in her redesigned suit. Again, this mural was 10x20ft and took us 17 hours over 3 days! It was exhausting but it was also so much fun. This years event took place on October 9, 2021.660 South BB King Memphis, TN. If you are in town, you've got to stop by and see the awesome murals from artist from around the country. Thanks to Paint Memphis for allowing us to take part again this year.

Find out more about Paint Memphis by going to


Virtual Comic Courses

Class Experience

Class Experience
The Comic Studio are art classes with a comic book twist. The classes taught will take an innovative approach to creative design that combines fine art, writing and graphic design skills and team them with goal setting techniques that will empower students to see projects through to completion. Courses will cover everything from photoshop techniques, to illustration techniques, to writing all from the perspective of comic book, manga and graphic design creation. 

Here is a rough outline of the first 5 weeks of class
⇢ Week of (8/19): CHARACTER CREATION

Topics covered in this class:
Comic Book Illustration
Students will learn the basic tools for illustration concentrating on still life drawing, gesture drawing and shapes and forms. Students will use a variety of media including pencils, pens, marker, chalk, and conte’

Digital colors
Students will learn about color theory and explore the ways color effects perception by using paints, markers, crayon, pastels, and photoshop (computer usage will be for students ages 14 and up)

Comic Book storytelling
Students will explore the art of writing through storytelling. Students will be given set storytelling guidelines, from which, they will formulate their own beginning, middle, and end.

Graphic Design
From logo design, to billboard design. Students will be faced with the interesting task of how to guide a reader from panel-to-panel and page-to-page of a graphic story. Font choices and color all effect the design of sequential art and students will learn the fundamentals needed for a complete visual piece.
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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

NEW Shinobi: Ninja Princess Statue

NEW Shinobi: Ninja Princess Statue

From 2D to 3D, bring the action of Shinobi: Ninja Princess home with these cute Ninja Princess statues. Each Statue is 2 inches tall and hand painted with love. Each one comes with an origami ninja star and bookmark.

Order yours today.

Shinobi: Ninja Princess #1: Illuminations

Shinobi: Ninja Princess #1: Illuminations

Christmas comes to the Toshigawa Ninja Village and the strike team all get the day off. Shianndrea Toshigawa takes the opportunity to spend some time alone in New Tokyo. However, when she sees her fellow teammate, Hamasuke, sneaking around the Tokyo streets, their adventure takes them from the Christmas Illuminations of the city to the fighting game community of a local arcade and a crazed Otaku bent on videogame domination.

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